The elusive summer glow. You want to look somewhere between pleasantly shimmery and bronzed for the season, but you’re not sure where to start. Plus, there’s that dreaded red-nose sunburn thing you’ve got going on. What’s a girl to do?

To get the best skin and glow this summer, you’ll want to go the natural route! I’ve included my Summer Glow glam routine for you today. Enjoy!

First, you’ll have to prep your skin properly. Here are my favorite ways to get a beautiful, smooth base for your makeup totally naturally!

SOFT SKIN | I apply May’s incredible charcoal based Problem Solver face mask and let myself indulge for 10-15 minutes.  Lindstrom’s problem solver does just that, going to work refreshing, clearing skin and setting the stage for a great canvas to work with!

A bit of warm water and a wash cloth later, I then drench my clean, clear skin in Lina Hanson’s Global Face Serum.  I also inhale this from my palms after application for a little aromatherapy.  After Lina’s serum sets, I apply Mun’s brightening serum to my face and décolletage for an extra glow before starting my foundation.  It also helps to set my makeup after it’s applied. Lastly, glide Josh Rosebrook’s Oculus Serum under your eyes to combat any puffiness.


MOISTURIZE | I begin with applying Waxelene all over my lips to condition and moisturize them. Waxelene is THE alternative to Vaseline if you are searching for a petroleum free option. I mean, who wants to put crude oil on their skin?  Ew.

SCENT & COLOR | I also use Osmia Organics honey myrrh lip repair for a slight honey scent.  It’s perfect for creating a slick, plump, lush look.  To top it off, I apply Nudus Australia’s lipstick in Halo.  This awesome organic formula is totally safe and goes on a very beautiful, light pink.  Can be worn sheer for a natural look or more pigmented for a sexy, demure pout.



CONTOUR | I love the above contour map because it works no matter what your skin tone or face structure.  If you have darker skin, you can just go a few shades darker with every color, but the idea of contrast remains the same.  You can use a contour gel like Genfiore’s botanical gel to achieve soft, refreshing skin to begin with.

BRIGHTEN | After the Mun No. 1 Aknari Brightening Serum absorbs, I apply Josh Rosebrook’s nutrient day cream under my eyes and on my nose for some natural zinc brightener.  It works wonders as a skin saver if I am going to be out and about that day.  This formula is my absolute favorite natural SPF cream – it’s slick but not too thick, and has beautiful coverage.  It leaves a sexy shimmer, too!

SHIMMER | Speaking of shimmer, I indulge my face and décolletage in the May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff to create a hint of color, nourish my skin and add an organic glow from the natural mica.  Using the above contour map for a flawless face, next I apply my base coverage.  I use  all over my face and eyelids, which I apply with clean fingertips.  This is slightly lighter than my skin tone so it gives me a bright base that I can contour over.

CONCEAL | Next I apply INIKA’s concealer around my eyes and under neath my eyelids down to my cheekbones for a deep brightening effect.  I also add a dab to my chin, the bridge of my nose and the middle of my forehead to create depth.  To set this base, I apply INIKA Organic Liquid Foundation to create an even tone and cover any blemishes.  I dab and apply it with a big, round brush to my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.  I adore this vegan brush set for the job!

FOUNDATION | Just like a sturdy house, a great look needs a great foundation.  Gressa’s foundation is a beautiful, lightweight serum, but the finish creates a magic powder effect.  It gives a gorgeous glow to the skin and is perfect for setting your base makeup as a top coat.  The ingredients are totally pure and help to nourish the skin, so you’re not clogging your pores by using any of these products!  The W3ll People Biobrightening stick is a great way to highlight around the tops of your cheekbones to keep your face light and youthful, so this is my next step.  Right above my cheekbones, I add the Han Skincare blush for a little bit of color.  It can be applied sheer for a touch of demure petal color or built up for a raspberry cheek.

BRONZE | For a bronzed contour, I apply the W3ll People Bio Bronzer rom the side of my lips up my cheekbones, under where I have created the brightening and apple affect to my cheeks.  I also add a streak to both sides of my nose.  I blend all of this in with a beauty blender as well as a blending brush, and dab on a little RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer for a dewey shimmer.

READY, SET GLOW | To set this makeup, I apply Alima Pure’s Olive Matte foundation and add a dab of the Gia Minerals Suvar Shadow to the tops of my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, to my eyelids, chin, the middle of my bottom lip and the bridge of my nose for that final gorgeous glow! Top off lips with a swipe of the Under the Sea lipstick and you’re out the door and glowing!

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LASHES: I start by coating my lashes with a small coat of the W3ll People Mascara to create a base. I apply my Thrive Causemetics Lashes, which I blend in with the Lily Lolo Mascara in Black.

COLOR: I use The Siren Collection palette to build color, starting with Suvar in the corners, followed by Sea, Venice and Neptune. Wing out the darkest part toward your brows.