Wow. It’s been a loooooong time since I did one of these posts. Like, years. Wow. Okay. WELL! Here goes!

Between instagram, snapchat, periscope and the like, sometimes I guess I feel like you guys know what’s up with me. Then, other times, I realize I only share seconds of my life on there, and sometimes I go many days without sharing anything at all. And there’s a lot going on I don’t normally share on other platforms besides this blog, ’cause I really like to keep it really real with you guys on here. I figured I’d update you on a little bit about what’s personally going on with me, to give you a glimpse into my every day life that’s not all health advice and fitness tips…



(although those are clearly a HUGE part of my every day life…)

First and foremost, if you didn’t know, my amazing fiancé and I run a company called Waxelene together and we’ve spent the last few months (over a year now, actually) developing a brand new set of products for the line! We are SO very excited about this project, as the products will be exclusive with Whole Foods Market and be sold nationwide (as well as on our website).


It’s cool to get to save the world with these guys. Whole Foods has been incredible to work with: their feedback, commitment to wellness and providing customers with the best, highest quality products have really inspired me both personally and professionally. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to get to do this every day!

Waxelene is THE petroleum jelly alternative – it’s waterproof, organic and aerated, so it won’t clog pores. It’s been miraculous for my skin and our testimonials and reviews include everyone from Victoria’s Secret Models to Olympic athletes. I can’t get enough of it, and I’m so excited to bring a whole slew of new, natural products to the market for every day needs!

We’ve recently expanded and are now in Target!! Goop also recently named Waxelene One Of The Best Clean Beauty Balms, too! How cool!

I’m really proud of my hubby to be, who built this company from the ground up and is one of the most grounded CEO’s I’ve ever met. It’s been a privilege to be on board these last few years, making organic magic together.



Speaking of fun moments with my fiancé, our ring (designed my him and eco, ethical, fair trade) was featured in the August/September issue of Brides Magazine, out now! I absolutely adore this issue – there’s so many great ideas for brides-to-be like myself, who are 3,000 miles away from my family and trying to plan this thing, with no clue what-so-ever of where to start!

This feature will be such an awesome keepsake to have during our marriage!

It brought a big smile to his face!


My first book has been another roller coaster ride that’s just been so fun to take these last few months! Since it’s release in February, Cured by Nature has found it’s way into bookstores, kindles and on nightstands worldwide, and most recently can be found at Walmart and in one of my favorite metaphysical stores, Soulscape! What a cool feeling! I am so happy with how the book has been received. If you follow me on snap or IG, you know I’m working on book #2 right now, too. Writing a book is such a beautiful, therapeutic, soul-opening process for me, and I’m super thrilled to have signed on with one of the best literary agents in the business recently. He’s been supportive, encouraging and I can’t wait to see what we’re able to do together! It feels like having a new baby on the way! ☺

This post is one of my most popular of all time, and over the last few months, I’ve received hundreds of emails from you guys about the breast enhancement oil that I mention using in it! So many emails, in fact, that I went about making it available for you! My very first original product that’s all my own and not a collaboration of some kind! Woohoo!! (I will say, hubby-to-be was EXTREMELY supportive about this decision and I’m not sure if I would have made the leap without his encouragement! He adores the tenacious entrepreneur in me!)

genetixbottle1I’ve been working diligently to take my formula and work with a certified organic lab (to ensure quality for you) and I am SO proud to bring you the Genetix Organic Breast Enhancement Massage Oil. Yup. I make a boob oil now. Tara Mackey: Boob Oil CEO. And damn proud of it!

I am so excited about this gem, and I personally use her each and every day to amazing results!!

Even I had a hard time keeping up with a daily herbal supplement regiment – JUST for my breasts.

This new oil is an affordable, effective, natural solution to your breast health! With daily use, you’ll experience firmer, shapelier breasts, body balance and improved self-esteem. Sensuous oils envelope the senses while the organic formula naturally enhances cell production. Herbs like Fenugreek and Fennel support a woman’s biological needs and naturally create a larger, fuller breast shape and size. Indulge in this enchanting, delightful oil all by yourself or get your partner lovingly involved in a nightly routine. I’m proud to say that this formula is paraben free, petroleum free, SLS free, and gluten free. It is free from any toxic preservatives, fragrance or parfum.

We use only organic and wildcrafted oils and herbs to achieve our unique formula for the Genetix OilIt’s helped me out SO much these last few months to go from flat chested to proud of my shape!


I’m gearing up for my Cured by Nature workshop in LA next month. The one we did last month was so transforming – even for me! I absolutely loved it and am really excited to bring some fresh ideas to the new one at Wanderlust on August 17th!  At night I spend my baths in deep meditation and then go to work tweaking my speech. I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature, tending to and caring for my veggies, fruits and herbs, taking care of the green house, preparing fresh meals and getting creative with our harvests! Getting inspired has never been so delicious 🙂


It’s honestly the kind of job I dreamed of having as a kid.

You mean, I just get to write now? For a living?! For real?!

I didn’t come from any money, privilege or sophisticated background. My adoptive parents (my grandparents) put me through catholic school on an assisted food program and I put myself through college with scholarships that made it affordable for my family and food stamps that bought me $200 of groceries a month. I was raised by immigrants – only one of whom worked full time.

Honestly, having been in the hustle and bustle of NYC for 25 grueling years, I am so so grateful to get to do this work in a sunny, tropical climate of San Diego, where it never gets too humid or too cold or too cloudy. Every day is a pretty perfect 70-75 degrees and I have an incredible tribe of conscious, healthy, brilliant friends and comrades who are both understanding and supportive. It feels like I’ve been given a new lease on life!

I’ve built my life, which I love, on a foundation of hopes, dreams and prayers.

And some days, I still have to take a moment back, inhale deeply and take it all in.


So, so grateful!

Thank you guys so much for checking in with me, for all of the support and for living your authentic lives as your truest selves.

 This was fun! I’ll be sure to do more life updates more often!

Stay weird!