As we go on our quest to live healthier lives with organic food, cleaning products and toys for our children, our makeup drawers often get overlooked. But if you truly desire to live an all-natural life, even your beauty products need a makeover! Luckily, you can still achieve the same glamorous look for a date night you’re used to in less than 20 minutes – with products that work AND are healthy for you!

HIGHLIGHTER: Bio Brightener Stick  Magic Luminizer

BLUSH: Alto Matte Powder Blush

BRONZER: Bio Bronze Powder

EYES: Smoke and Mirrors Eye Palette | Luna Vegan EyelashesWaterproof Eye Pencil

I mix the last three colors on the left and apply to the top of my eyes with a vegan makeup brush. Then I apply a small layer of the second color under my eye lid for a pop with an angled brush (this works well if the color is orange, bronze or black).

LIPS: Gressa Lip Boost in Bare

FINISHING POWDER: RMS Beauty UnPowder | Alima Pure Contour Powder (around cheeks, nose, temples and under the chin)

Voila! 20 mins or less and you’re ready for your date!




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