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Everyone needs to read this book! Tara’s story truly resonates with me so much. She has many great tips, advice and is such a positive and uplifting soul!” –Brie

“This book has been a true “fuel for the mind and soul.” Page after page offers guidance and inspiration for an amazing, fulfilling life. It’s honest, raw and powerful. Thank you, Tara for sharing your experience.” -Rustic Maka Blog


  • My life story combined with scientific, personal and spiritual knowledge to help you in battling your personal demons and coming out victorious
  • Why you want to be happy, but aren’t (and how to start)
  • Original stories, recipes and meditations – never before seen on the blog
  • How and why I quit my prescription medication cold turkey to search for true happiness
  • How I overcame grief, addiction and family trauma
  • My decision to move from NYC to California and details about my road trip
  • Daily meditations that you can do every day to transform your life
  • Nutrition information for everyone
  • Why and how I repaired my relationships, friendships and broken family dynamic
  • Green beauty resources, tips + DIY methods
  • Easily applicable tips to transform and revolutionize your life
  • Why you want to meditate, but don’t (and how to start)
  • & More!


For more pictures of what to expect, you can find all the sneak peeks I shared on Instagram under #curedbynature.


Sean-Croxton.jpg“Code Yellow Alert! A Code Yellow is when I read a book and just about every page is full of yellow highlighter. Cured by Nature is a perfect blend of three of my favorite things: personal development, health, and storytelling. Tara tells a shocking and inspiring story of taking back her health and life by taking control of her mind. I could have interviewed Tara for 4… 5… 6 hours!”-Sean Croxton, Founder of Underground Wellness & The Sessions, Wellness Expert

Tony Conrad, True Ventures“You can revolutionize your life based on Tara Mackey’s experiences in Cured by Nature. Tara’s raw, personal story of dealing with tough family circumstances and a dependence on pharmaceuticals, carving out a natural life through positive thoughts, and developing an appreciation for green beauty is a great read and illuminating.”-Tony Conrad, Founding Partner at True Ventures and Co-Founder & CEO of about.me

Nicolle-Mackinnon-900x778“A unique combination of scientific facts and personal anecdotes… Tara challenges readers to change their lives with simple daily thought patterns and practices that result in a more vibrant, happy life. With her easy to use tools and mindful practices, holistic health is accessible and attainable!”-Nicolle Mackinnon, writer and editor at No More Dirty Looks


41Asg0Ppc7L._UX250_“This is a must read for anyone concerned with gaining optimal health. Reading Cured By Nature is like sitting down with your best friend to chat about personal growth in all areas of life.”-Cindy Bokma, Founder of Hello Dollface


kIiG1rHL“Compelling and action inspiring – people at every age can experience the deep knowledge and wisdom her rich story effortlessly delivers on her powerful, holistic journey to radiant health and happiness. Tara is one of this generation’s great Wellness leaders!”-Josh Rosebrook, Founder of Josh Rosebrook Skin & Haircare





“Tara has quite literally taken her life back by listening to her body and taping into the truly awesome healing powers of nature. This is a must-read for anyone who is sick of treating symptoms and ready to make long-lasting lifestyle changes for wellness.”-Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics and author of Skin Cleanse


3fc5cac“From being well to living well, Tara provides practical tools for achieving wholeness along her journey to true healing, happiness and self-discovery. With complete authenticity and raw vulernability, Tara shows us how we, too, can be cured by nature.”-Brandie Gilliam, founder, Thoughtfully Magazine and Organic Beauty Talk

Ejyo-Todd-SF_Biz_Times-400“ Tara straight-talks you through every area of life. For everyone who’s trying to live their dreams. You’ll finish this book a better version of yourself. Enthralling and empowering. No book has transformed my life more.” -Todd Cooper, Founder & CEO of Waxelene



12289662_10154371560329745_8194561739936963725_n“If you know someone who has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or any kind of immune disorder, give them this book! With Cured by Nature, Ms. Mackey is lifting the veil on overmedication that happened to her and her entire generation; and it’s high time. I applaud Tara for opening up the pandoras box and how this has really affected young people like her throughout the last few decades.
-Laurie S. 

11428800_10152774022821568_6643731499075138967_n“A truly amazing book. Right from the start, Tara was completely open and honest about the difficult circumstances she faced right from birth, and through her early life. The mind/body techniques and natural remedies she used to completely transform her life make her story very inspiring. I am certain Tara will inspire many others to emerge from the abyss of their troubled lives, and discover the happiness that has been so elusive.” -Matt


11075253_403223356524066_841448335135615496_n“As a chronic illness sufferer, I have firsthand experience with this distinction and I appreciate Tara’s efforts to point out healthy ways to treat yourself. There is so, so much in this book that you owe yourself the chance to experience it first hand.”-Katherine

“I loved this book! It came at the exact time I needed it. It will inspire you to heal and love yourself. I have been recommending it to everyone! Looking forward to more from this author.” –Linda

“A beautiful book written by an awakened soul. Inspirational and honest with so much insight and wisdom, clearly written from the heart.”-Richard

“Tara’s science background allows her to explain how and why things work in our bodies but at a level that everyone can understand. The book is broken out into chapters and written in a way that one can easily go back and reference specific information.”-ML

“As someone who is high functioning autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, and has suffered from anxiety and depression, Tara Mackey’s battles and ultimate triumph over her heath and mind is an important one for me. This makes the messages in  Ms Mackey’s book life changing for my health.” -Christopher

“If you’re looking to heal from the inside out, this is a must read! Tara’s story is unlike any other. She has quite literally taken her own life back and bounced back from years of prescriptive drug addiction and completely transformed her life in the process. This book beautifully combines her back story with all sorts of herbal remedies and meditations that can help you turn your life around as well. It has a little bit of something for everyone and is truly an all comprehensive guide to living well and staying well.”-AL

“This book is such a breath of fresh air! Tara is so insightful and it is so inspiring to hear her story and see how far she has come from the battles she experienced as a child. It really is incredible to see the type of person she is today despite the trauma she went through. I think everyone can relate to her on some level. I also really love her writing style, her quirkiness and fun personality really comes out in her writing. Another thing I love about this book is that it’s very practical since she gives clear tactics on how to apply the insight she offers. If you are struggling with health or emotional issues then you should definitely get this book, I know I haven’t regretted it.”-Mike L.

 “I’m truly grateful to Tara for writing such a great book. I have to say from the moment my husband purchased it for me, I couldn’t put it down! I cried, I laugh and felt so inspired. I truly recommend it to all my family and friends. Amazing! Just Amazing!”-J.E.

“Tara blends her inspiring life story with helpful information that can be applied to help anyone take that first step in wellness. I was super excited to have gotten the book early and right before my 30th birthday. This book came at a point in my life where I’ve been re-evaluating my life and where it’s going. The way the book is written, you feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Her life story is so inspirational and really goes to show how much our mindsets can impact our lives. Since reading this book, I have really found myself approaching life with a more positive outlook.” -Monica

“Fascinating take on how to heal from the inside out without the aid of pharmaceutical enhancers! Love this book and the message behind it. You can do anything! This fresh take on a self help book been a very successful way to assist in combating my anxiety and depression! I’m looking forward to seeing more from this author and following along with her blog!” -Alex

“I know I will be referencing Cured by Nature in the future. I suggest this book to anyone who’s looking to improve their lives. I will continue to incorporate more of the suggestions in this book into my daily life. I have suggested this book to a number of friends who are also in a similar stage in their lives.”-Katie

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