Best Acne Fighting Brand: DeeVoo Skin Care


DeeVoo was created out of owner Melinda Dodge’s own experience with everyones skin nightmare: Acne.  She says,  “I suffered with acne through most of my teenage years and by the time I was 20 I’d had enough of it. It occurred to me that because nothing had worked up to this point that I would have to find a solution on my own. So after a long process of research, trial, and error I created a line of skin care and was finally able to clear my acne!”

Melinda assured me that with the right kind of application of this treatment, my skin would show improvement soon!  While DeeVoo does not have 100% natural ingredients, I am impressed by most of the nourishing and cleansing oils and products located within, and heck – I’ve used crap products for so long, something with a little something in it I can’t pronounce every once in awhile is okay if it’ll treat my skin!  Damn!  


DeeVoo Acne Moisturizer – $22.00

I was fighting a terrible (and losing) battle with adult hormonal acne the week that I received this, and was so excited to dig in!  With the first application of this slightly Lavender scented moisturizer, I swear there was a dramatic difference! I could feel the tea tree oil going to work hard on all the bacteria and crud stuck in my pores.  Grape seed oil, Virgin Olive Oil & Jojoba Oil nourish skin while the tea tree targets zits and clears them aggressively!  I’ve been using this for 6 weeks now and it has made a remarkable difference.  Skin is clear, younger, glowing and if I do get a blemish, this little miracle in a bottle gets used immediately.  Couldn’t be happier to be acne-free!



DeeVoo Wild Yam Oil – $14.00

When I told Melinda that my acne was mostly hormonal, she asked if I had ever used Wild Yam Oil.  Uhhhh… no.  Wild what? No I have never used Yam Oil!  But I am not opposed!

What is Wild Yam Oil and why does it help acne?
Wild yam is a plant. It contains a chemical component called diosgenin.  Diosgenin is a precursor to steroids that can be turned into hormones, especially progesterone. Many women use it as a natural alternative to hormone therapy because it provides a natural source of progesterone.

Even though progesterone was originally synthesized from the wild yam, the plant it’s self doesn’t actually contain any hormones at all.  Instead, the wild yam root contains essential building blocks your body needs to make all it’s own hormones naturally. Thus aiding in PMS, menopause, hormonal acne, and many other womanly issues. This product is simple, but works!

Unlike the moisturizer, I wouldn’t say that this is an immediate cure for bouts of acne, but it certainly is extremely effective when used over the course of a few weeks!  I use this 2-3 times a day in 3-4 drops at a time on my face and neck and my skin has shown marked elasticity, fewer wrinkles and it stays soft after long hours in the sun!  I really love this little miracle oil!



DeeVoo Milky Toner – $12.00

For under $15, this little Toner is a wonderkid!  It helps scars, reduces pore size, restores Ph balance, and targets acne that is healing, as well as painful or embarrassing breakouts.  Water, Vinegar and Peppermint Essential Oil make up the little powerhouse in this bottle!  I apply it to my skin with a cotton ball and after a minute or two of a slightly flushed look while oils target the acne, I am greeted with much calmer, happier skin!  Great for a little pick me up in the morning as well or after makeup removal to ensure that you got everything!  This toner has definitely made a huge difference in how my skin looks and I don’t know where I’d be in my routine to clear skin without it!


DeeVoo Creamy Cleanser – $16

This is my go-to makeup remover at the moment because it works so, so well!  It only takes one dime size application and my whole face is makeup free!  I used this the other day after a 14 hour shoot with my makeup re-applied 4 or 5 times and I couldn’t be happier with the results!  It also works well for a great cleanse if skin is just the Icks or your acne is flaring.  Bentonite Clay, Grape Seed Oil & Vegetable Glycerin are the active ingredients, making this a face mask that’s just masquerading as a cleanser. ;) For $16, you can’t go wrong!  Thanks to DeeVoo, my skin is clear and I’m proud of it!  What else can I say?


Have you tried anything from DeeVoo?

*These products have been generously gifted to me for the purpose of review.  With deep appreciation, I give my fully informed and honest opinion always.

Love & Light


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