Agency Test: Young + Restless


A few months ago, my agent over at Q asked me if I wouldn’t like to shoot with a lovely young lady named Monica Baddar.  They showed me her work and I was super psyched to make some art together, since her style is really simple, beautiful portraits of really interesting looking women.



 I had to reschedule a few times due to travel, but we finally got our shoot on in DTLA and took some portraits and lifestyle stuff which I really love!  I dig Monica’s style a lot, and she’s a creative, beautiful person to work with!  I really adore how she stayed really natural and brought out my freckles a lot.  I think it’s super important to embrace your face, especially in a town where a ton of makeup and plastic surgery is the norm! :)




( ^^ just hanging out on a rooftop! ^^ )





( ^^ who needs makeup when you have water? amirite? :P )

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to make some cool stuff with other amazing artists in LA through my agency, who used some of the shots for my portfolio. :)

There’s also 11 super important days left of The Wake Up EP Kickstarter!


Get your pledge on right here! :)

Thank you very much.

Love & Light


An Exclusive Look Into … THE WAKE UP EP!

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