Meaningful Mantras & Adjusting the Sail


I’ve been feeling especially light lately.  The trip to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree was absolutely life altering and enchanting.  Walking through boulders, driving through acres of nowhere, and making beautiful things is always such a lovely blessing, and I feel so absolutely grateful to be where I am and to have the support that I do.


I remember when I first started feeling like I was being taken seriously; even indulged, in making Art and Music.  I kept hoping one day to maybe have one hand on the steer of what -at the time- seemed like such a gigantic and half sunken ship.  These dreams and goals and plans were too big to wrap my mind around, and the idea of taking it one step at a time was painful.  It wasn’t until I read too much or sang too much or talked too much or cried too much – in a healthy way – or was too honest that I met anyone willing or able to understand me, or that even my always-racing thoughts got a steady hand.


A lot of people talk about sailing the ship of life: sometimes we incur dark waters or rough tides, but with a petrified aim and both feet on the ground, you’re bound to make it to the place you desire to be.

The same circumstances happen to us all. We have disappointments and challenges. We all have reversals and those moments when, in spite of our best plans and efforts, things just seem to fall apart.…

In the final analysis, it is not what happens that determines the quality of our lives, it is what we choose to do when we have struggled to set the sail and then discover, after all of our efforts, that the wind has changed directions.

You see, before you can steer the ship, you must steady your hands.  I know that regardless of how well I can steer, the wind will take me where it wants to.  I also understand that it’s my job to adjust the sail.

The first thing I had to do was change the way I viewed myself and the people around me. I had to change who and what I was willing to accept as a part of my life.

Because every moment is precious, and there is not room for one single negative thought.


 It involved going to work on establishing a powerful, personal philosophy that will help to influence in a positive way all that I do and think and decide. If we can succeed in this worthy endeavor, the result will be a change in the course of our income, lifestyle and relationships, and in how we feel about the things of value as well as the times of challenge.

Tara Mackey-42-2-2-1

If we can alter the way we perceive, judge and decide upon the main issues of life, then we can dramatically change our lives.

Tara Mackey-23-2-3

I’ve been doing many Mantra mediations lately.  In sanskrit, “man” means “mind” and “tra” means “freeing“.  So a mantra is a phrase designed to free the mind.  I recommend them highly to anyone dealing with extra stress.  It is chilling to me how strengthening these kinds of practices can be: sometimes I feel things inside of my body that I must say I only feel have roots in the stars.


I do believe that everyone’s destiny is laid out for them at birth.  I believe that we all have unlocked potential and able bodies and clear minds behind all the clutter and ache and pain.  I do believe that grief is a selfish healer and tragedy always has a tearful but beautiful ending.  I know that improving yourself improves the lives of everything and everyone you touch.  I believe in the Universal Element and creating only the life you desire.

Tara Mackey-312

I have an intense desire to learn and to quench my thirst for knowledge.

The reason for any failure of manifestation is only because of misalignment in any of my natural elements: wind, air, fire, water.  The more you know about the universe, the better you can create.


Otherwise, what is the point?



I found a new and quite perfect meditation spot right by my house on a trail walk.


Having quiet visualization and yoga time up there has steadily improved my mental, as well as physical health tremendously.

I am really happy to know that I am in a state of recovery: mentally, physically, emotionally.    I made a conscious and courageous life choice and I am entirely pleased with it.


I am entirely grateful for everything that I have, everything I’ve had the privilege to create, everyone that I know and have the ability to love whole heartedly.  I am really happy to be in such a lovely, warm place that allows me to plant, to grow my own food, to sing my own songs, to walk my own dog.  I am so thankful to be able to take these hikes with Raelie, to make music every day, to live in my own house that I can decorate at my will, to read books on my own porch, to invite friends to my own kitchen to eat my own organic food.   I am so lucky to have such love and support and people who make me laugh and keep me humble and introspective and honest.


It’s a beautiful life.

And at this point, I know that not only do I steer the ship,


I can whisper to the winds.


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Love & Light

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8 responses to “Meaningful Mantras & Adjusting the Sail

  1. Sincerely, I feel that this has been one of the best and most emotionally and spiritually uplifting post I’ve read in a long, long time. And it didn’t involve anyone dying from a disfiguring disease or a dog staying by his master’s grave to touch my heart. That happens rarely nowadays. Thank you. :)

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